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Monday, December 27, 2010

HTC 7 Pro: Windows Phone 7 with tilt slide Full QWERTY keyboard, targeting smartphone users from the business world

The latest Windows phone 7 presentation from Taiwanese handset maker HTC is HTC 7 pro. A touch device with tilt sliding full QWERTY keyboard, the handset has TFT touchscreen offering display resolution of 480×800 pixels. So, it means that 7 pro has screen smaller than HD 7 with later featuring 4.3” WVGA display which could be attributed to 7 Pro being a touch phone with side out slide full qwerty keyboard against HD 7 being a pure touch phone. However, compared to both the HTC’s touch phones, Samsung’s latest released Samsung Focus i917 has 4” Super AMOLED display which is said of being better than both TFT and WVGA display types.

Being a Windows Phone 7 device, 7 Pro is integrated with popular Microsoft apps for mobile including Windows Live, Bing Search, Xbox Live, and Windows Marketplace. Working professionals may continue accomplishing some of their crucial business tasks with device featuring support for popular MS office utilities including PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Further, usually seen productivity apps for mobile phones such as Alarm Clock, Calendar, Reminder, Conversion are also included in the device.


Further, HTC 7 Pro not only better meets the demands of high end smartphone users, but also quenches the desire of business users for quality business apps to better take crucial business decisions. In addition of Microsoft Office Suite, the handset also has a unique utility named SharePoint which allows user to share his work space over the device with his other teammates as well who are stationed at different locations. And, those who prefer to take cold breeze over Wall Street, they may like handset’s Stocks App with later enabling them to keep track of up to 30 stocks. The App is part of HTC Hub available over the phone featuring numbers of other productivity apps as well.

A 3G handset compatible with HSDPA data network, 7 Pro has 5 MP built in camera with Automatic focus adjustment and LED light, similar to some of the other latest released Windows Phone 7 devices including HTC HD7, Samsung Focus SGH-i97, and HTC Surround with them all featuring 5 MP built in camera. The built in camera of 7 pro offers 720p video resolution recording videos in MPEG-4 formats in addition of allowing users to watch recorded videos in Landscape & portrait modes. Additionally, user’s music player plays out a variety of music formats including M4A, WMA and MP3.

The device has 8.0 GB internal memory which is again just half of that available in HTC HD7 and HTC Surround with both the later ones featuring 16 GB included memory. For navigation, there are available GPS and Bing Maps in HTC 7 Pro for device users to get quality navigation experience.

Users can connect the handset with other compatible devices via Micro USB port and Bluetooth [v2.1 with EDR]. Measuring 2.3”x0.6”x4.6”, HTC 7 Pro weighs 6.5 oz. The handset is powered by 1500 mAh Li-ion battery.

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